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Researchers are frequently unable to share or access valuable data because of privacy concerns and regulatory/compliance rules such as HIPAA, PIPEDA or GDPR, or because data access requires approval from multiple authorities prior to use. We provide cloud-based software tools for software data scientists, researcher organizations, and government agencies. The eSya Data Anonymization platform solves these problems by combining a simplified request and approval interface with modern data anonymization algorithms in a cloud-based software tool. The software has been used in a variety of contexts, including commercial big data analytics platforms, research projects, clinical trial data sharing and for training purposes.

What Is DAS ?
The digital tech boom expanded research data availability. Data scientists utilize it for cutting-edge analysis, but in medicine private data conflicts with data benefits. Anonymization of data sets tackles this by creating useful but anonymous data. Re identification is the attack goal, often cross-referencing public and anonymized data. Re-identification is the reverse of data anonymization, and the primary goal of an attack on an anonymized data set. Re-identification has occurred when the attacker identifies a specific individual within the data set or gains private personal information about a specific individual from the data set.
best data management service provider in Canada
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Unfortunately, attackers can use the tools and techniques of data science to assist their efforts. A common method is to cross-reference publicly available data with anonymized data. Each dot represents a single data set. The yellow dot in the top right corner represents the original (input) data set. Other dots represent anonymized (output) data sets. The highlighted data sets in the bottom right corner represent acceptable data sets which have a high value for data science purposes and present a low risk of re-identification.


Health researchers tackle data privacy issues. Patient data is rich in insights but risky for identity theft. Basic anonymization isn’t enough; attackers can uncover identities from minor details. Regulations like HIPAA and PIPEDA limit data sharing. Advanced anonymization is crucial for secure, compliant data access and use.


The eSya Data Anonymization platform has anonymization proficiency with multiple use cases across multiple industries. Using advanced k-anonymity algorithms we maintain the quality of the data while eliminating the possibility that it can be traced back to any individual.
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